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Happy November!  I’m back after taking a bit of break following all those posts I made in the build up to Halloween.  My original plan for this next beer was to drink it on or around the holiday, but, as crazy as this sounds, I ended up running out of time.  Hopefully no one’s too sick of candy yet to think about this one!

Beer Name: Hangry

Brewery: Banded Brewing Company (Biddeford, ME) & Orono Brewing (Orono, ME)

Style: Porter

ABV: 7.8%

Description: Playing on both the taste and recent ad campaign of a rather well-known candy bar, this porter was brewed up in Maine with nougat and peanut butter.

Appearance: Poured a black body with a thin, creamy light tan head.

Smell: Notes of chocolate, nougat, peanut butter, and I want to say vanilla.

Taste: A very close approximation of the smell.  The beer opened with notes of chocolate that were soon followed by a mix of nougat and peanuts, with perhaps some grains thrown in as well.  Chocolate came back for the finish, but was slightly more bittersweet than

Mouthfeel: Smooth, medium-plus body with low-level carbonation.

Hype: Not really any external hype on this one, but I was pretty sure it would either be amazing or a big miss with little room in between.

Overall: I of course sampled a Snickers bar while drinking this beer so I could make a comparison between the two.  Overall I would say that while the beer was not quite as sweet as the candy since it replaced the latter’s caramel sweetness with a more roasty/bitter chocolate taste, the brewers were actually close to the mark with this.  It was a pretty good novelty brew and while I don’t think this was something I would reach for on a regular basis, it did make for a very enjoyable post-Halloween treat.