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Not sure why, but I’ve had this review sitting around for a couple of weeks before getting around to posting it.  I think with the cold weather setting in I have my sights set on some bigger beers, but I did want to make sure I got this one in.

Beer Name: Dhop 15

Brewery: Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY)

Style: New England Double IPA

ABV: 8.2%

Description: The 15th entry in the brewery’s series of DIPAs experimenting with hop varieties.  This one focused on Enigma and was canned on October 2.

Appearance: Poured a golden/medium amber body with some white lacing across the top.

Smell: Opened with a burst of juicy tropical fruit and berry sweetness followed by a hazy pine background.

Taste: Sweet tropical fruits, especially mango and pineapple, mixed with melon and berries upfront with a warm piney bitterness on end that slightly warms the throat.

Mouthfeel: Medium-plus body that just a hair short of creamy.  The carbonation level was fairly moderate.

Hype: My usual elevated level upon opening an out-of-market beer from a well-regarded brewery.  The friend that gave it to said, on very good authority, that this was one of their favorites to come out of Equilibrium lately.

Overall: A very, very nice example of the style.  The beer had a nice juicy sweetness upfront combined with a warm bitterness on the end that came right to the edge of being too raw without crossing over.  If I lived near this brewery, I would definitely stay on top of this series.