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Since this is what the name made me think of, I now turn my introduction over to the comedic stylings of Cheech and Chong and their beloved holiday classic, Santa Claus and His Old Lady.  It’s too long to put full script here, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

Cheech: Once upon a time, about, hmmm, five years ago, there was this groovy dude and his name was Santa Claus, y’know? And he used to live over in the projects with his old lady and they had a pretty good thing together because his old lady was really fine and she could cook and all that stuff like that, y’know. Like, she made da best brownies in town, man! Oh, I could remember ’em now, man. I could eat one of ’em, man, wow…

Chong: Wow, did you know these people, man?

Cheech: Oh, yeah, man. They used to live next door to me, y’know…until they got kicked out, man…

Beer Name: Santa!! I Know Him!

Brewery: Evil Genius Beer Company (Philadelphia, PA)

Style: Saison

ABV: 7.2%

Description: A holiday saison brewed with rose hips, black currants, and chamomille.  Get the full story here.

Appearance: Poured a slightly reddish, caramel colored body with no head.

Smell: Light earthy sweetness with subtle hints of peppery yeast in the background.

Taste: Started out with that same earthy sweetness (presumably from the currants) that I mentioned above.  The initial sweetness was followed by a dry tea flavor and a moderate peppery yeast presence.  Dry and ever so slightly tangy on the very end.

Mouthfeel: Just shy of medium bodied and very bubbly, especially when first poured.

Hype: Like the rest of the beers in this series, none in particular.  I bought it for the name.

Overall: I was a little unsure about this one going in but ultimately I quite liked it.  The carbonation was a bit too strong at first but after giving it a minute or two to settle this was drinking great!  Great subtly and balance despite all the flavors going on.