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After a fun-filled afternoon at the Providence Children’s Museum last Sunday, the family was looking for somewhere to eat before starting our journey home.  Since I had randomly found out about the nearby Trinity Brewhouse a few days earlier, and subsequently confirmed they had a kid’s menu, it seemed like a sign that we had to check it out!

I had a feeling this place was going to be fun before we even got inside.  My picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the outside of the building is lined with catchy signs advertising their wares and letting passersby know exactly where they can hope to find some good beer.  Inside, a variety of decorations, signs, and murals added plenty of character to the otherwise dark, pub-like atmosphere. I won’t go too much into the food, but my wife and I both really enjoyed our meals and found them far superior to your stereotypical pub fare.  Both her bison-burger topped with goat cheese and my cheeseburger featuring onions and chorizo sausage were amazing. Not to leave anyone out, our toddler devoured his hot dog and fries, so I guess we can consider that dish a success as well. He was also quite amused by a T-Rex head mounted on the wall so I guess you could say they really did have something for everyone!

Now that I’ve set the scene, let’s bring out the beer!  There were eight house beers on tap that day so we ordered two six-pour flights in order sample them all and get a feel for the place.  My wife recently starting drinking beer again, so this time around I had both help with all this beer and someone I could compare my notes with.  Let’s run down that list.

Starting at the top, we both found the 5.5% Kolsch to be one of the standouts.  It had a smooth, clean sweetness and light body that paired very well with our hearty meals.  Something about finding a good example of such a classic style really made me happy. Next on the list was Tommy’s Red, a 5.9% amber ale that neither of us had any strong feelings about.  It was a perfectly fine example of a style that perhaps isn’t the most glamorous, but it also didn’t give us the simple joy that the Kolsch did.  Moving on we came to the RI IPA, a 7.9% English-style IPA that combined dry citrus notes and a mild piney bitterness with a solid malt backbone.  I enjoyed this one, but my wife wasn’t quite as impressed. Our opinions then flipped for Darkness, a 8% Russian Imperial Stout.  My wife really enjoyed the robust roasted malt and chocolate profile whereas I thought it was a bit too roasty for my taste and would have liked it to have been slightly thicker.  

Leading us into the bottom half of the list was Screaming Viking, a 5.6% wheat beer brewed with honey, ginger, and cardamom.  There was a nice wheaty sweetness on the bottom of this, but ginger was by far the most prominent flavor.  I’d say we both appreciated the novelty of a sample, but don’t think either of us needed much more than that.  Up next was the Cousin Brother, a 5% brown ale that wound up being my wife’s favorite as she really enjoyed the light toasted malt profile and called it “the kind of beer you could drink all day.”  Not being a fan of brown ales I don’t know that I quite agree with that statement but I can say that this was a very good example of the style for those that are into them.  Second to last on the list was the 5.6% Belgian Gold which we both really enjoyed.  Mild and smooth, it had a nice fruity Belgian yeast presence right from the start with a subtle peppery/spicy/floral finish.  This one was probably my favorite. Closing things out was the biggest beer of the day, the 11% Belgian Quad.  It drew a hard pass from my wife as it started out with a harsh alcohol presence she found off-putting but I gradually made peace with this one.  It eventually settled somewhat into the more familiar realm of caramel malts and bubblegum yeast, but did maintain a hot edge to throughout.

And there you have it.  Everyone found something they liked and we all left full and happy.  With the consensus opinion being that the beer was good and the food was great, we will definitely be stopping in here again on future trips.