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It’s my wife’s birthday today and to help celebrate the occasion she gets the honor of writing the first guest review to appear on my blog!  I made a few edits here and there to translate her thoughts into my posting format, but otherwise the tasting notes below are entirely hers. In the spirit of full disclosure, I myself gave up on this beer after the first sip, but she powered on through it and at the end of the glass insisted that I tell the people.  This one’s for her!  Note, I gave up on this one before even snapping a pic, so here’s the bottle art I found on the brewery website: 

Beer Name: Origin of Darkness

Brewery: Collective Arts Brewing (Hamilton, Ontario) and Moon Dog Craft Brewery (Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia)

Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout w/ Black Truffles            

ABV: 11.5%

Description: Part of an ongoing series of collaboration brews Collective Arts has running with breweries across the world.  For this release they paired with Moon Dog Craft Brewery and found inspiration from Australian cuisine, opting to age their Origin of Darkness Stout in bourbon barrels along with black truffles.  More details are here.

Appearance: Dark like the night with little head.

Smell: It reeks of earthy black truffles.

Taste: If you gulp past the initial rush of mushrooms, all you taste is a lovely sweet bourbon barrel stout.  The moment you finish the sip peel your lips away from the glass, however, that all-consuming earthy, mushroom-tastic presence returns at full force.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and smooth.

Hype: No idea.

Overall: Drinkable*. Stinky. If you hate mushrooms, you will hate this. If you like mushrooms but hate stinky things, avoid this. If you are passionate in your love for all things truffle, devour this.

*Note: “Drinkable” is used here in a much more literal sense than how I typically apply the term.  I typically use it to mean relaxing and easy, though here she means only that the beer is capable of being drunk.

And there you have it, the first ever BeerRantsAndBooks guest review!  Again, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with this beer after finding the HUGE truffle completely overwhelming before I even managed my first sip, so congrats to my wife for taking one for the team to prepare this.  I’ll have something tastier to share with you all next time (I hope).