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After considering how successful my last experience with this brewery was, I decided to go back for more and picked up another mixed six-pack.  While most of the beers in there were known to me, this one stood out as a tantalizing special treat.

Beer Name: Ale Gateau Foret-Noire

Brewery: Unibroue (Chambly, Canada)

Style: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

ABV: 10.5%

Description: Originally brewed to celebrate Unibroue’s 25th Anniversary, this decadent brew was inspired by black forest cake.  Find out more about the story and specs here.

Appearance: Deep mahogany body with a thick, foamy beige head.

Smell: Boozy dark fruit aromas, highlighted by plumb and raisin.

Taste: The opening was sweet, again featuring a healthy showing of dark fruit.  Initially, this gave way to a second burst of hot, yeasty sweetness led by dark cherries but unfortunately obscured behind aggressive carbonation.  After sitting in the glass for a few minutes the bubbles mellowed out significantly, allowing chocolate and cocoa notes to come through while the cherries on the end intensified.

Mouthfeel: On the whole a the body was a little bit less than medium and very effervescent to start.  As mentioned above, however, the carbonation did level off a bit after a few minutes.

Hype: None.  I was just looking for some beer to fill my fridge when I happened upon another Unibroue mixed pack.

Overall: I was a bit worried about this one after finding the opening carbonation way over the top for the style and taste.  Once that initial rush of bubbles subsided, though, I found this an enjoyable, yet very sweet, dessert beer to sip at.