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We found ourselves out in Worcester, MA this past weekend for a baby shower and a trip to the EcoTarium for our son.  Before heading home, however, my advance scouting and found yet another family-friendly brewery to check out.  Bonus points for them serving food as well!

Greater Good is located on an industrial stretch in Worcester with, thankfully, a rather ample parking lot.  Just make sure to keep an eye out for signs as the turn-in was kind of hard to see from the road when approaching from the side of the brewery that didn’t have their signage on it.  On the way inside we passed through a small outdoor seating area that looked tempting, but at the time of our visit was way too sunny for our party. That ended up being just as well, considering how much fun the place was inside.  It was quite spacious and had a cool finished warehouse vibe with plenty of seating and a performance area for live music. It also featured the requisite board games and arcade machines to keep kids of all ages entertained as well as some random other toys (more on that later).  Beyond the obvious, a big part of what made this such an alluring stop for us was that the taproom also serves food in the form of amazing looking pressed sandwiches.  They run about $11-12 each and are pretty generous in size. They’re also every bit as good as they look on the menu and highly recommended.

Moving on to the beer, Greater Good boasts to be “America’s First All Imperial Brewery” and had a draft list that, with few exceptions, matched that assertion.  We weren’t really feeling flights that day, so my wife and I each had a couple of full pours. I started my afternoon off with Pink is the New Black, a 6.0% Cascadian Dark Ale brewed in conjunction with the Pink Boots Society to promote and encourage women in the beer industry.  It boasted a fantastically smooth blend of piney hops, light roasted malt, and a slight notes of citrus fruit and chocolate that I really enjoyed.  It had certainly been awhile since I last had a good “black IPA” and this one definitely delivered just that. My second and final beer of the visit was Good Night Moon, an 11% Imperial Porter that was chocolate milk goodness in a glass.  It had silky smooth and creamy body and featured plenty of creamy chocolate notes atop a fairly moderate amount of roasted coffee.  This was the consensus favorite of the day, so much so that cans came home with us. If you see this, try this.

My wife went in a different direction with her choices, opting for a pair of NEIPAs named Shine On (8.4%) and PULP DADDY (8%).  While I don’t have any notes to share on these, both were given very positive endorsements, though the edge went to Shine On.  From my brief tastes, however, I can say that both of these beers are sure to please fans of the style, offering plenty of dangerously drinkable juicy deliciousness.

As a final note, I can’t end this post without mentioning the brewery’s unofficial mascot, Creepy Baby (see above).  My wife found it under a table while grabbing some coloring pages for our son and proceeded to carry it back to our table, holding it by the shirt.  To our amusement, it was lifelike enough to horrify everyone she passed by. There was literally even a dog that had been resting under a nearby table that looked freaked out!  Fortunately, after everyone did a double take and realized that 1) the doll was fake, and 2) we’re not horrible people that manhandle babies across taprooms a good laugh was had by all!