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Yes, I am still alive!  Also, tempting though it may have been, I didn’t run away to join the Ren Faire.  I just ended up needing a bit of a break. Now that I have returned from a slightly longer than intended hiatus, I am ready to resume the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge.  I’m picking up again at Day Seven, which asks me to write about a fandom I love, but didn’t expect to.

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Time once again to credit my wife with helping me discover something awesome.  For years she had been telling me to read Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy and for years I said that I would get to it, right after I finished reading whatever was already in my queue.  Turns out she was onto something. After finally picking up the book a couple of months back, I found myself hooked not only on that series, but the entirety of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe as well!  I’m now thousands of pages deep into his work (go ahead and skim my Book Reviews for plenty of examples) and can honestly say that I would not have gotten started on this journey without my wife insisting I read that first book.