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Day Eleven of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge poses another challenging prompt for me.  I’ve never been into comics (not even the popular ones that everyone is into these days) and while I really enjoyed reading Naruto and Bleach back in the day, I’m not sure either of those stands out as a clear favorite.  I want to pick something, though, so for the sake of this post I’ll pick Sam & Max.

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Sam and Max are a lovable, violence prone dog and rabbit duo that bill themselves as the Freelance Police.  I first came across them in a video game included in a LucasArts box set along with other such classics as Star Wars: Rebel Assault and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and that was more than enough to pique my interest.  After loving the game and spending the next few months following their exploits in some sort of printed LucasArts publication (for reference, this was in the was the mid-1990s so still in the dial-up era and a few years before the ubiquity of the internet) I took the plunge and purchased Sam & Max Hit Surfin’ the Highway, a collection of comics that see them put all their irreverent detective skills and powers of persuasion to face down a list of adversaries that include a cult leader, an ultranationalist cockroach, and a possessed cereal aisle.  Good times. In retrospect some of the bits seem a bit juvenile, so I’m not sure I’d feel quite the same about this if I came across them as an adult, but the nostalgia is real and so is my affinity for these furry guys.  Having said that I would add, however, the adventure game released by Telltale Games a few years back was top notch and definitely worth a look for players into that sort of game.