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Coming into the home stretch! It is now Day 26 for me which means I’ll be talking about my favorite Disney movie.

Time for the return of a potentially controversial opinion: The Empire Strikes Back. I jest (mostly), but this does technically count now, right?

Seriously though, I get the feeling this isn’t quite what the prompt was really getting at, so let’s take this in a different direction. Honestly I’m just not that big a Disney fan. Don’t get me wrong I like their older films just fine (well at least up through and including The Lion King). I also really enjoyed Frozen and a lot of the Pixar stuff I’ve seen more recently. I just don’t love it the way some people do. What brings me the most joy from the company these days is actually seeing my three year old son enjoy their films. He’s been demanding Aladdin on repeat for the last few weeks and went through a serious Cars phase as well.