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The flip side of yesterday’s prompt, here on Day 24 of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge I’ll be sharing my thoughts on things that I wish could be improved about the geek community (and try not to go too far off the rails into rant territory). Honestly, I wanted to spend a ton more time writing with some eloquence about this topic, but I just didn’t have it this month. I still apologize for nothing.
My choice here was obvious to me even before I realized that just about everyone else I saw doing the challenge expressed similar sentiments. In my opinion the no doubt, number one thing that needs to be improved about the geek community is the toxicity and ugly sense of entitlement and elitism some fans espouse. I know these issues are by no means contained to the geek community, but my goodness do they come out here. Between “fans” harassing actors and actresses on social media or starting petitions because someone doesn’t look the “right” way or a storyline didn’t go *gasp* they way they wanted it, getting up in arms over a genre taking steps to welcome diversity and shed association with some of its past undesirables, and hating on things just to seem edgy or post click bait, there too often just seems to be way too much negativity and manufactured drama surrounding things that are supposed to bring fun and entertainment. I like to hope the folks I describe above are only a small minority using the megaphone of social media to seem relevant, but sometimes it just brings me down to know that people like this exist and (at least in theory) enjoy some of the same things that I do. Ugh…time to move on to more positive stuff.