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Day 28 calls me out on a topic I have unknowingly alluded to in some of my previous posts: my favorite soundtrack!  Thank you again to the YouTube folks to whom I link!

Despite my previous assertions, this post is another toss up since the movie qualification excluded Cowboy Bebop from my considerations.  Yes I know that had a movie to go with it, but most of my favorite songs came from the show and I chose to stick with American theatrical releases for this.  That said my choices are:

Pulp Fiction (1994): Track for track this is probably my top choice.  This is one of my top three favorite films and the soundtrack played such an integral role in setting the mood that I can’t help but love it.  Mixing in iconic clips from the movie with rock and roll, soul, and surf rock hits of the early sixties it is super chill and an excellent companion to the film.  Favorite tracks include:



Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997): I nominate these albums since they arguably played a much larger role in the music I ultimately gravitated towards.  Unlike my previous nominee, these movies were most definitely not good. They came out right as CG started becoming a thing, but before it became a thing people could consistently do well.  The soundtracks, however, were a different story and look to be well received to this day. Their mix of hard rock, metal, and electronic tracks provide a ton of energy that really spoke to the angry youth in me.  It was also my first exposure to groups like KMFDM, Type O Negative, Napalm Death, Juno Reactor, and Sepultura.  Current favorite track from each album: