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Here we are at Day 30 of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge!  It’s been quite the ride and for my final prompt I will be discussing my most obsessed over fandom.

This post, perhaps appropriately for the grand finale, had me do a great deal of soul searching.  My initial thought was to think of “obsessed” fandom as a total immersion in the subject matter that requires a level of time, money, storage space, and energy that I simply don’t have anymore.  Coming at the question from that perspective I honestly don’t think I have the proper mindset or interest in anything to quite achieve that level of commitment.

Taking a longer view of this question, I would say that Star Wars was probably biggest fandom obsession and that peaked some twenty or so years ago (my god, I feel old typing that).  I had movies, toys, books, shirts, and even more stuff I’m not thinking of right now. I’ve actually gotten rid of most of it over the years save for a few items of sentimental value and don’t really regret any of it, except maybe the VHS release of the original trilogy before the “special edition” retouches.  As much as I love and have loved the franchise, I moved on. Looking back, I think this happened around the release of the prequels. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but in retrospect I think that is around the time the franchise started passing me by and targeting a different audience. As of this post I’d say it’s even full on lapped me since I am way out of the loop on the new shows and the Expanded Universe timeline I spent so much time reading is no longer considered canon.  And you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that. I like (mostly) and appreciate the new movies for what they are and am happy the story exists for younger folks. It’s likely my three year old son may end up loving Star Wars as much as I did but for completely different reasons and I actually kind of like that.

Well then.  I didn’t quite intend to go off on that tangent, but there you have it.  To end this from yet another perspective, I’d say that currently Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere is my top “geeky” obsession and the New York Yankees are my longest running one.  For the Cosmere, I think that the thousands of pages I’ve read, the numerous book reviews, and time spent reading up on fan theories and message boards makes that an easy choice.  As for the Yankees, well, they’ve been my team for life despite growing up in the Boston area. It sure didn’t make me popular, but I regret nothing!  

See you all tomorrow for a wrap up.