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Another installment in my weekend adventure series, this journey took place over the Labor Day weekend on a random afternoon drive up Route 1.  We were hungry and in search of a destination when we happened upon Throwback Brewery, and the adjacent Hobbs Farm property, up in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

While this wasn’t necessarily our plan for the day, we sure were happy to wind up here.  It was a beautiful day and their outdoor patio offered plenty of comfortable seating and a relaxing view of the farmland.  I was also really amused by the bobbleheads the servers used to reference the tables (my wife happened to seat us at the Jason Momoa/Aquaman table).  After placing our food and drink orders, we made note of the small stage that doubled as an out of the way play area for the children in attendance. I thought this was a nice touch, given that the place was a family-friendly destination, in that it gave the kids a contained, well supervised space in which to play together and have fun.  It was quite a joy to see how much fun our son was having!

But I digress.  Let’s talk beer!  My wife and I each started out with a flight to get a feel for the place.  Mine started out with She Sells Seashells (had to get ordering that one of the way early!), 4.7% salted blonde ale that featured an easy drinking blend of sweet light malt, resinous hops, and just a hint of the aforementioned salt.  Beer number two was a 6.4% Red IPA called Hopstruck that I couldn’t help but be intrigued by given my fondness for the style.  It looked the part with a reddish-amber body and featured the requisite caramel malt opening and pine resin finish.  Being somewhat particular about my Red IPAs, I do think it could have used a touch more malt upfront, but on the whole I found it rather satisfying.  I followed it up with the 4.9% Hog Happy Hefeweizen, which I liked.  It had a nice straw colored body and easy drinking taste featuring the expected blend of banana, clove, and slightly spicy yeast made this a nice diversion from hops for a bit.  Rounding out my flight was perhaps the most intriguing item on the menu: Gin and Juice (2019).  An 8.2% gin barrel aged version of Hopstruck, this featured prominent notes of tart cherry and juniper atop a subtle hint of the beer’s original profile.  While I liked it and thought it was very well executed, I do think that a full pour probably would have been a bit too much.

What ended up being both of our favorite beers of the day, though, came from my wife’s flight.  Designated Playlist 05:02 and checking in at 6.3%, this tasty IPA poured to a light orange body and boasted a delightful taste profile featuring dank bitterness, sweet malts, and citrus rind.  We both ended enjoyed this one so much that we finished our day with a pair of full pours!

And that wraps up a successful afternoon.  The whole family had an excellent time here and we will certainly be on the lookout for opportunities to come back.  The beer was very good and we loved how kid-friendly the place was. It was a nice touch that allowed us the luxury of spending a relaxed afternoon outside with our food and drinks.