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And so begins my countdown of the final thirteen days until Halloween!  It seems only appropriate that this journey starts with a Halloween tag asking me 13 questions.  Of all the Halloween tags I came across on WordPress in preparation for this event, it was this one created by Michelle over at A Geek Girl’s Guide that I found the most inspiring.  Thank you for helping get things started!

1.When does the Halloween season start for you?

This is a holiday that definitely gets a full season in my household.  Officially it starts October 1, but it really gets on our radar starting mid to late September.  My son is getting into the spirit as well this year and has been singing This is Halloween all day everyday for the last few weeks between viewings of the Nightmare Before Christmas and Curious George’s Boofest.

2.Do you have any Halloween traditions?

A trip to Salem, MA has been a part of our Halloween plans for many years now, though to be fair we go there a lot year round as well.  In our younger (read before child) days, we’d go to one or two of the major balls happening there the weekend before the holiday.

3.What is your favorite Halloween memory?

I always struggle with these favorite questions and this one particularly so.  This has always been an eventful day and even doing a list I know I am going to leave something out.  As a partial cop out, I am going to nominate the entirety of the aforementioned Salem days. Highlights include the year it snowed, the annual Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter, and Sound of Music viewings at our friend’s house, helping a friend escort her tipsy mother home from a party (ah those pre-child days!), and checking out all the costumes at the Hawthorne.

4.Do you decorate for Halloween?

Yes!  We do most of our decorating inside due to living in a townhouse with bylaws and some rather uncooperative neighbors, but decorations are a must all the same.  

5.What has been your favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn?

Wow I’ve done so many good ones over the years.

For overall execution and look, I would pic my steampunk Flava Flav ensemble.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this has gotten plenty of use on other occasions as well.

For customer that got some of the best reactions, it is probably the Great Grand Wizard for the Worst Witch.  Perhaps 9 out of 10 people didn’t get it, but those that did got it.

6.If you could be in a Halloween movie (horror or not), which would you choose?

Perhaps this is a somewhat weak answer given the wealth of opportunity here, but I’d love to be a kid in the It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! special.  This is a nostalgic, feel good movie for me and I always am drawn in by the carefree freedom the children enjoy in the Peanuts universe.  I’m not quite convinced the world ever really quite worked that way, but I can imagine it would be fun to experience!

7.How do you plan on celebrating Halloween this year?

Since my wife is going to be working, the plan is to take my three-year old out trick-or-treating with one of his friends before calling it a night and preparing my annual Halloween night beer review!

8.Have you ever carved a Jack-O-Lantern?

Of course!

9.What is something you want to do to celebrate Halloween one year?

We tend to go all in on Halloween, so we’ve already done some pretty some extravagent stuff, but I think the dream Halloween would probably include some sort of themed destination.  There used to be a haunted Renaissance Faire in our area which had long been an aspiration of ours, but unfortunately I think it closed down a few years back.

10.What is your Halloween costume this year? If you don’t have one, what would you like to be?

To be determined.  On the actual day it might be Mega Man since my custom for that is comfortable and easy to move around in.  We’ll probably do something more coordinated as a family for any events we may go to.

11.Do you enjoy a super scary Halloween or a more lighthearted spooky Halloween?

I like to strike a nice balance.  Left to my own devices, I’m more of the light-hearted persuation myself though more than often my wife and any friends we happen to be celebrating with gravitate towards the spooky.  

12.How would you spend a Halloween at home versus going out?

When we go out on Halloween, well thought out customs are a must!  As for Halloween at home, I’d never even consider sitting in the dark to drink beer and eat candy and am quite frankly offended you’d even suggest such a thing!

13.Why do you love Halloween?

I love Halloween because it’s always been such a fun-filled event throughout my life.  There was the trick or treating and parties of my childhood followed by the nights spent with friends as I got older.  As an adult, though, I always look forward to it as the biggest moment to celebrate and have fun before the weather gets cold and the year end grind through the craziness of the winter holidays sets in.