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Since I pulled out this old comic collection for last month’s Geek Out Challenge, I figured I might as well revisit some of my old favorites. This particular adventure sees our furry anti-heros hired to investigate an outbreak of paranormal activity at the local supermarket.  Equipped with little more than a Ouija board and a lasso, it’s up to them to stop the terror and refocus the malevolent energy into something a bit more positive. But is it a demon? A monster? A spiritual representation of the “collected sorrow and frustration of all those whose apple cart and roadside beef stand businesses were steamrolled into the ground by cold, sterile Megamarts?”  Does it really even matter so long as there’s free food an opportunity for the duo’s particular brand of comedic violence?

This was a fun trip down memory lane, but man are these comics weird.  The tale is admittedly a bit juvenile, but I still liked it for the nonsensical fun that it was.  I’d recommend this to anyone familiar with the characters from their games, but otherwise this one may be limited in its appeal.  As a more or less lifelong Massachusetts resident, though, I must say that the “Lobsta Fahts” cereal box that appears in the background makes me chuckle every time I see it.  Is it immature? Yes. Does it entertain me? Also yes. Moving on.

Now that I’ve sufficiently indulged my not so inner child, make sure you all tune in tomorrow for my annual Halloween Double Feature!  I’ve got some more serious material lined up and a beverage to share!