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Random Tag Tuesday is a feature I came up with in order to mix things up a bit.  The name is a throwback to my college days when Tuesdays were the day for, well, random adventures.  For my blog, it will mean that on any given Tuesday I’ll tackle one of the many tags I always wanted to write about but never got around to.  Please note that most of these will come from my backlog notes and that I am terrible about keeping track of where I find these. As such, I probably will rarely, if ever, tag anyone.  It is not personal.

If you happen to look back to my Part 1 of my Playlist Tag, you’ll see that this was one I really wanted to explore further.  Now that I’ve better organized my music I am ready to do another installment.  As a quick refresher, my goal here is to listen to five songs at random and then associate them with a book or character I’ve read.  As always, a big thank you to the video posters!

Lithium Flower, Scott Matthew/Yoko Kanno: Breq (Imperial Radch Series, by Ann Leckie)

And is she really human?

She’s just so something new

A waking lithium flower

Just about to bloom

I smell lithium now

Smelling lithium now

This song immediately made me think of Brew given “her” rather unique existence as a former Justice of Toren auxiliary.  She also has some common ground with Major Motoko Kusanagi, for whom the song was originally written.  Apparently the full version isn’t available on YouTube, but can be found here.

Been Caught Stealing, Jane’s Addiction: Wayne (Mistborn, Era 2, by Bradon Sanderson)

I’ve been caught stealing

Once when I was 5

I enjoy stealing

It’s just as simple as that

Well, it’s just a simple fact

When I want something,

I don’t want to pay for it

I walk right through the door

Walk right through the door

So technically Wayne doesn’t steal things necessarily, but most people he comes across don’t appreciate his enthusiasm for making unannounced trades of whatever he may have on him for things he likes more.

Secret Wars, Part One, Last Emperor – Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

What if I had the/power to gather/all of my favorite emcees

With the illest comic book characters/and they became arch enemies?

Inconceivable? Unbelievable? Yet as wild as it seems

The Emperor and Stan Lee would coach the two opposing teams

The off the wall fun provided by this track’s constant name dropping of comic book characters and hip hop artists makes me thing of the pop culture mashup that was Ready Player One.  This track is serious fun thanks to both the lyrical content and Last Emperor’s superb voice acting.  Notable battles include Professor X vs. KRS-One, Dr. Octopus vs. Busta Rhymes, Lauren Hill vs. Storm, and Das Fx vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Zero Signal, Fear Factory: Shallan Davar (The Stormlight Archive, by Brandon Sanderson)

So withdrawn and feeling numb

Watching life come all undone

Growing fear, a human grace

A drowning mind in a dark embrace

While Shallan is one of my favorite characters from this world, she certainly hits some very dark places for a variety of reasons.  As for the song, I just love its energy despite some rather bleak lyrics.  It makes want to get up and move.

Hand on tha Pump, Cypress Hill: Amos Burton (The Expanse)

Thinkin’ like a peace smoke, comin’ on a homicide

You talkin’ shit, tryna take me for a ride

I’m not a bad guy, but I’m the funky feel

Finger on the trigger with my hands upon the steel

To find a character from my recent reads that best embodies a casual, almost gleeful embrace of street violence it’s Amos Burton.  Sure he has some redeeming qualities and is absolutely a guy you want on your side, he is also a highly efficient killer shaped by a very rough upbringing.