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Good morning and happy Monday!  There’s not a lot snow in these parts (yet – it’s currently still falling), but I am still busy digging out from all our Thanksgiving leftovers.  Nothing like a good beer to help out with that and I just so happened to have one set aside.

Beer Name: Mash & Vanilla

Brewery: The Bruery (Placentia, CA)

Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine

ABV: 13.3%

Description: The brewers took their Mash bourbon barrel barely wine and aged it with fresh vanilla beans.  Read more about it here.

Appearance: It had a slightly reddish light brown body with wisps of a mostly white foam forming with the pour.

Smell: Inviting aromas of light oak and bourbon, with vanilla hanging in the background.

Taste: Smooth and malty upfront, featuring notes of caramel and brown sugar.  It picked up some heat as the sip progressed alongside a refined oak barrel presence.  The finish was warming with hints of light roast and vanilla.

Mouthfeel: Full bodied with low carbonation.

Hype: I’ve come to expect food things from there Bruery bottles.

Overall: Tasty and superbly executed, but definitely a brew I enjoyed in moderation.  Not only was it big in taste, but I also found it rather filling as well!