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I feel like I should have some kind of witty story or fun picture to go with this one, but I don’t.  Although I knew enough to catch the reference, I just never got into the Alien franchise to get particularly excited about this one by name alone.  I am, however, a very big fan of NEBCO’s beers so here we are.

Beer Name: Face Hugger

Brewery: New England Brewing Company (Woodbridge, CT)

Style: NE IPA

ABV: 6.8%

Description: A New England IPA featuring an “in your face” level of hops and dank citrus notes.

Appearance: It poured to a yellow/light amber body topped by a thin bit of white foam.

Smell: Huge citrus nose in the can and in the glass.  I was seriously able to smell this one from a good twenty feet away.

Taste: Sugary sweet citrus fruit atop a refreshing  pale malt base. The finish fully delivered upon the promises of dank, sticky pine/citrus hops.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a carbonation level just below moderate.

Hype: Moderate.  This wasn’t the thing that brought us into the brewery, but I’m excited about their beers on general at this point.

Overall: Excellent brew, be on the lookout for this one folks!  Full disclosure this post is from my backlog, but as of this post it seems to be on tap at the brewery so check it out if you are able.