Hello friends!  As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted here in a little while.  Back in January I was facing the daunting task of simultaneously learning a new job while taking programming classes at night and to say I was stretched thin mentally would be an understatement.  Something (ok, somethings) had to give for the sake of my mental well-being and keeping up with the blog just didn’t fit into my schedule.

My portrait, courtesy of my wife @Ann Leonard Photography

My original plan for the past few days was to regroup a bit and work my way back into a posting routine.  My class ended the first week in March and the week after the family was going to take our annual trip down to Florida for some much needed time off.  I was going to sit back, read, and drink a few brews to celebrate the end of a demanding month and a half. The universe it seems had other plans, and facing the rapid advance of Coronavirus we made what was at the time the difficult decision to call off our trip.  Turns out we made the right choice since I am coming back here facing a drastically different world than when I left.

So what does this all mean for my posts going forward?  Hopefully, not a lot in most areas. I am feeling determined to make this comeback a success and feel like it will be a welcome distraction for me during these difficult times.  I have some great novellas lined up for review and since I primarily read e-books, I don’t see any major shifts in my reading habits once I get back into a rhythm. I also also have a few tags set aside I’ve been meaning to get to as well so Random Tag Tuesday will be making a return soon enough.

As for the beer side of things, well, that gets tricky.  Acquiring new, post-worthy beer is rather complicated now, despite the valiant efforts of my local breweries to safely stay open.  It pains me a bit to say this, but in all honesty I most likely will not be visiting them for the duration of the pandemic. I feel somewhat badly about this knowing that they need support to stay afloat right now, but I just don’t feel like even the curbside pickup options are worth it right now for something that is ultimately a luxury item.  In terms of the cost per beer and the risk of exposing my family I just can’t justify it. I pass no judgement on those who choose otherwise, but this is my personal choice based on my particular situation.

That said, I do have a few review beers left in my fridge that I am sure to get to soon enough.  I also stocked up on some more affordable options to keep me supplied over the period of isolation to come.  My beer needs for the next few weeks will be fulfilled by a dozen Lagunitas IPAs and a mixed 12 pack from Ipswich Ale Brewery.  Even after the delivery fees (thank you Drizzly driver!), they provided a relatively inexpensive way to stock up without sacrificing quality.  If these can’t hold me over until the end of this whole mess, I’ll have much bigger things to worry about anyway.

I’m looking forward to rejoining you all in WordPress land this week.  Stay safe out there and be good to one another!