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I think most of us have been feeling a bit cooped up lately, so it’s probably pretty easy to imagine why I felt inspired to finally take on this particular tag.  Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, I’ll remind everyone that the name of this series is a throwback to my college days when Tuesdays were the day for, well, random adventures.  Please note that most of the tags I cover under this heading come from my backlog notes and that I am terrible about keeping track of where I find them. As such, I probably will rarely, if ever, tag anyone.  It is not personal.

Secrets and Lies: A Book Set in a Sleepy Small Town

Highway of the Damned, by Nick Mamatas and Brian Keene.  This mashup homage to Hunter S. Thompson and Lovecraftian horror spends a lot of time in the fictional city of Arkham, MA, a place that certainly has its share of secrets.

Salt and Sand: A Book with a Beach-side Community

Lagoon, by Nnedi Okorafor.  Set in Lagos, Nigeria the city is changed forever when extraterrestrials land off the coast and make first contact with both humanity and the creatures of the sea.

Here There be Dragons: A Book with a Voyage on the High Seas

Towing Jehovah, by James Morrow.  God has died and it’s up to disgraced Captain Anthony Van Horn to haul the massive corpse across the Atlantic Ocean to its final resting place in an Arctic iceberg before rot sets in and the press finds out.

Tread lightly: A Book Set Down a Murky River or a Jungle

Everfair, by Nisi Shawl.  A steampunk-inspired alternate history in which European socialists, American abolitionists, and an African warlord enter into an uneasy alliance to overthrow the forces of King Leopold II and establish a new nation in the former Belgian Congo.

Frozen Wastes: A Book Book with a Frost-bitten Atmosphere

The Terror, by Dan Simmons.  Another historical fiction, this one follows the doomed crew of the John Franklin Discovery Service Expedition as their ships get trapped in the Arctic ice and a supernatural force begins hunting the crew.

The Boonies: A Book with Rough or Isolated Terrain

2312, by Kim Stanley Robinson.  A good deal of the action here takes place on Mercury and Venus, which despite human settlements remain rather inhospitable places.

Hinterlands and Cowboys: A book with a Western-esque Setting

The Alloy of Law, by Brandon Sanderson.  The first book in the Second Era Mistborn novels, civilization on the planet Scadriel has advanced to roughly that of the late 19th century United States.  The main character, Wax, is a frontier lawman who definitely gives this story a Western vibe.

Look lively: A Book Set Across Sweeping Desert Sands

Dune, by Frank Herbert.  Obviously.

Wild and Untamed: A Book Set in the Heart of the Woods

A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson.  Humorist Bill Bryson hikes the Appalachian Trail, imparting plenty of fun facts and humorous observations along the way.

Wildest Dreams: A Whimsical Book Shrouded in Magic

The Hobbit, by J.R.R Tolkien.  While it does have some serious themes, I always think of this book as being rather whimsical at heart.