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Almanac Beer Company – Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry (2017)

Hello world!  It was absolutely beautiful outside in these parts last weekend and I must say some time spent outside did wonders for morale.  Of course I also found some time to grab a beverage in the backyard. I’m not really sure how I wound up with an aged sour in my fridge, but at this point I’m just rolling with whatever the universe throws my way.

Beer Name: Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry

Brewery: Almanac Beer Company (Alameda, CA)

Style: Sour Blonde Ale

ABV: 6.9%

Description: Listed on the label as a sour blonde ale aged with blackberries in wine barrels.

Appearance: It poured to a reddish/grapefruit colored body with a thin layer of fizzy white bubbles that disappeared upon completion of the pour.

Smell: Sweet and tart blackberries.

Taste: It opened up with a light mix of sweetness and tart raspberries followed by a hint of creaminess.  It had a dry, white wine finish that brought the tartness to a pleasant close. This was pretty mild as far as sours go and I have to say that was a very welcomed discovery.

Mouthfeel: Light to medium bodied with low carbonation and a slightly syrupy feeling finish.

Hype: None for me.  I haven’t been that into sours lately so I was kind of ambivalent going into this one.

Overall: This was a wonderfully pleasant surprise and a real treat to drink outside on a beautiful spring day.  Fruity and mellow, I really enjoyed this.