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Beer Name: Night & Day

Brewer: Trillium Brewing Company

Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 11.5%

Description: Bottled on 2/5/2015, Night & Day is an Imperial Stout cold brewed with coffee from Barrington Coffee Company in Lee, MA.

Pour Info: Lovingly poured from a 750 ml bottle into a snifter glass.

Price: $15 for the 750 ml bottle.  There’s been some chatter on the Beer Advocate forums regarding the price on this one, but honestly I see fairly in line with what I’d expect.  Boston’s an expensive place.

Appearance:  Pours a thick black body with a half inch tan head.  The head is fluffy with large white bubbles towards the center that slowly fade the edges as the head dissipates.

Smell: Hints of coffee and a slight sweetness.

Taste: Again, light coffee notes up front with a light to moderate roastiness that picks up midway.  Finish is some more coffee, a touch of roasted malt, and maybe a little bit of sweetness.  Packs some heat at cooler temperatures that blends into the rest of the beer quite nicely as it approaches room temperature.  The heat doesn’t entirely give away the higher ABV but it does certainly hint at it sometimes, especially early on.

Mouth Feel: Thick and smooth with very little carbonation.  The world velvety comes to mind.

Hype Factor: Trillium beers have been all the rage around here recently though that has been mostly for their hoppy offerings.  I was curious to see how they would do with an Imperial Stout and how it would match up to the Bean Porter I so recently enjoyed.

Overall:  Overall I think this was a very good beer, but not necessarily an amazing beer.  I think it was perhaps a bit unfair to want to hold this up to Bean Porter since this beer is a bit bigger.  The coffee doesn’t really come through that strongly for me in either smell or taste and considering how it was advertised I think I expected it to make more of a showing.