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Powering right along into Day 18 of the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge!  Today I am going to discuss the topic of which character would I like to meet in real life.  I also learn a valuable lesson about writing posts while in anxious anticipation of going to a hot pot buffet.

This was kind of hard for me.  Not only are there so many fabulous characters out there, but I’m also extremely introverted and in all reality probably wouldn’t have that much to say to them in the unlikely even we were to meet.  So I’d need someone talkative with whom we could engage in some sort of activity to pass the time that is ideally not too strenuous. I don’t really have much interest in fighting off hordes of monsters nor do I think my stomach could much handle a seat in a space fighter.

In that spirit, my character of choice for this post is Lift from the Stormlight Archive.  We probably wouldn’t have all that much in common aside from a love of food, but I think it’d be fun to philosophize a bit and get her impressions of our world while assaulting an all you can eat buffet somewhere.  Perhaps even work out a deal where in exchange for the meal (because let’s be real here, there is zero chance she doesn’t dine and dash) she can convince her spren Wyndle to clean up my yard a bit